What is Brand Equity?

There isn’t a company on earth that doesn’t have it, but that doesn’t mean that it is distributed fairly. Brand equity is a term that describes the value of a brand. This value is based on the consumers ’ perception of and recognition of the brand. When customers think about a company, it has positive brand equity. When a brand consistently fails and depresses to the point where people suggest that others ignore it, it has negative brand equity.

Importance Of Press Releases

Press releases published by a number of media outlets can provide precious backlinks to your website. In addition, by optimizing your content, you could increase website presence and make your publications discoverable on the web. Links pointing to your niche and a set of relevant, company-specific keywords are essential aspects that you should add to your copy in order to optimize your press releases and unlock instant SEO benefits.

How To Save Money

We all have it, but don’t you wish you had a bit more? You have probably thought its time to save money. Truth is, most successful individuals know how to save their money. Nevertheless, everyone has reasons why they haven’t started to save. All it takes is a few easy steps! Why Save Money? Having…

How To Turn Leads Into Sales

When appropriate, offer incentives. Very few people dislike like free stuff, the key is to not over deliver with the sample or free trial. Offering a free gift or providing a special time sensitive discount is a great way to improve conversion rates. When designing the discount keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be something outrageous.

Top Marketing Agencies – Improving Digital Marketing Results

Top Marketing Agencies Use Data To Drive Their Marketing Results. Top Marketing Agencies Understand Each Brand Has A Unique Opportunity To Cultivate A Community. Cultivating a commuity creates loyal brand enthusiasts that will “buy” from you. Constantly spending transactional advertising dollars trying to “sell” people doesn’t work long term. Properly cultivating a community in this digital world…