How COVID-19 affected information

COVID-19 affected information. When quarantine orders took place in March, retail sales decreased considerably. But this shift in consumer behavior has culminated in a trend that has not been much thought about. The supply of sales information to retailers’ data stockpile has dried up. It is a big concern, since a stable supply of such knowledge is the lifeblood of customer loyalty schemes. This includes AI-driven product reviews, and a wide variety of important business decisions.

Commercial Real Estate On a Decline?

Many analysts have very mixed feelings about the commercial real estate market. Some saying that it will be resilient while other are sure that it will be crashed. We at Advisight believe that it will be different. With the birth of new business and the old ones moving to the digital space will usher in an age of convenience. This age will only breed opportunity. So is the Commercial Real Estate Declining? No, its just changing.