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Marketplace Communication & Activities

    • Plan, develop, organize, and lead external communication to ensure Brand’s identity and messages are industry-leading and align to the strategic direction.
    • Develop and lead efforts associated with the Brand’s brand expression including definition, standards establishment, and projection into the marketplace through all external deliverables.
    • Increase brand awareness and consumer consideration of all the Brand’s messaging.
    • Elevate public image through premier national broadcast, print, and digital media campaigns, strategically expanding influence to achieve growth and revenue goals.
    • Build and drive pro-active and reactive media relations program.
    • Optimize and refine marketing strategies to advance brands goals.
    • Direct a robust and meaningful brand internet presence, including social media activities, media and brand communication, and direct response marketing.
    • Support Brand’s creation of communications that promote Brand’s strategy and activities.
    • Promote and publicize philanthropic and community development activities that improve Brand’s brand and reputation and showcase Brand’s dedication to community initiatives.
  •      Cohesive creative brand expression, internally and externally.


Workforce Communication & Coordination


      • Develop and enable a communication network to ensure that messaging is delivered across Brand’s cross-functional organization, ensuring that messages are timely and consistent with external releases.
      • Development of central messaging supporting the vision, mission, brand expression, and strategic initiatives for the brand. Guide all communication processes associated with these messages.
      • Ensure that all understand Brand’s brand expression and how their roles and deliverables enable its consistent execution in the market.
      • Direct development communication strategy to be aligned to brands strategy and goals, and demonstrate increased engagement.
      • Strategic direction and logistical support on content, presentation, and execution.
    •       Lead the publications writing to build high-quality brand authority.


  • Lead revenue growth through innovation.
  • Define the playbook for Brand’s growths by prioritizing different initiatives and experiments, and leading implementation to drive step-change improvements in brand performance.
  • Research user needs to develop campaigns that attract thousands of brand enthusiasts.
  • Define attribution logic and oversee analytics for different product and marketing funnels.
  • Optimally allocate budget across paid acquisition, ad channels, and experiments.
  • Ensure systems, processes, and analytics support brands goals.
  • Drive intelligent, sustainable growth through analysis, reporting and modeling via sales & retention forecasting, pipeline analysis, order management, sales territory planning, churn analysis, productivity/optimization analysis, plus other iterative feedback loops and dynamic A/B testing.
  • Systematically create customer feedback loops by contacting early adopters, learning from them, drafting personas and buying motivations, reporting findings, and partnering to develop responsive and effective brands strategies.
  • Actively monitor and analyze campaign performance, quickly react as needed, identify trends, and facilitate opportunities for improvement.
  • Collaborate with finance and operations teams to ensure accurate reporting of all operational metrics.